Submitted by TasselhoffBurrfoot in Illegalism

I need this for my new job (which won't pay well until after the training period is over of course). Might just suck it up and buy one (I am a casual lifter and don't typically go for high risk high reward items) but wondering if there is an easy way to get a 100% discount just in case?



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BigThief wrote

I would buy an iPad with a credit card from Walmart or Target. Use the unit for a week or two, return it, and buy another one, repeat this until your training is done or you have found a solution on how to acquire an iPad.

I highly doubt anyone can give you step by step on how to acquire an iPad. The easiest way would be to order one online and claim DNA.


TasselhoffBurrfoot OP wrote

If reported DNA wouldn't they deactivate it or something? I'm not really sure how that works.


BigThief wrote

They might deactivate the cellular modem from activation in the US but they do not block the device from connecting on Wifi.


icycoldblackhandofdeath2 wrote

Are you sure? I've known stolen iPad tablets to have been completely locked down and unable to boot at all, even with a factory reset.


earlysignam wrote

Factory reset may not be enough. .the operating system will need to be hacked a really smart technician


OhNo_a wrote

hire a Chinese person to make a fake one for you and use the fake one instead.