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DeletedButArchived wrote

I agree with your evidence but I disagree with it proving your thesis.

Your evidence: cattle are treated horribly by the industry

This is true

Your thesis: Cows care if people steal cheese or not

I believe this to be false and not proven correct by the evidence you gave.

Does have no understanding of theft, cheese, grocery stores, human consumer choices, and economic disecentivization. I'm sure they could have some conception of the concepts if they were allowed to view said concepts. I don't think a majority or even any cows really have a conception of these concepts. It's therefore impossible for them to have an opinion on things they have no idea exists. The same way I don't have opinions on things I don't know exists. It's physically impossible.

It's a pretty argument but your the one who brought up the idea that cows have an opinion on stealing cheese in the first place. Like I doubt there are really any cows who have seen cheese needless connected cheese being made of milk. Or grocery shopping for that matter.


throwaway wrote

Here we are, discussing what cows might think about people lifting cheese.


ziq wrote

all dairy consumption is stealing from cows whether you pay for it or not.

cows don't make milk to feed humans, they make it to feed their calves.

cows make milk to nourish their young, so yes they care when humans kill their young to siphon the milk into their cheese products.