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K so I got this stupid ass bedding set (duvet cover + pillowcases) valued at about $250. My stupid ass bought this during a manic episode like 6 months ago and I hate it and cant return. Ive tried listing it locally for way below value just to get it out of my face but no bites. Im desperate to get rid of it but it seems like it may never sell of course less I give it away dirt cheep.

Im starting to consider some potential "ways" of getting rid of it but of course I want my money back.

I know walmart is a slack place. can anybody suggest something I could buy from wally, that I could easily repackage to look totally sealed and new (obv i dont want them opening it to check) thats of some value, that I could stuff this stuff inside and return it without too much suspicion? A common / ery day item??

What happens if they find out after I leave, soon enough to remember my face or grab camera footage? Will the polic be trying to get my information or is it too late?

Of course i wont go back there, ever and will wear a diguise.



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whipskid wrote (edited )

You should post your bedsheets for sale on Facebook Marketplace/Craigslist and then do the 24-hour-Walmart-challenge and post a video of that to DTube