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So I recently managed to get a few golf carts. How could I go about fencing them off for money? I've heard about things like serial numbers and identification for each cart, but I've also read about black markets where you can sell these things for a cheap price to buyers that won't try to verify its origin. Anyone have tips? I don't exactly know how I can transport them either, as I do not own a large truck or trailer.



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Valkyrie wrote

I’ll buy them from you. We can figure out transport depending upon where you’re located, or, if it’s a good enough deal, I’ll even drive to wherever you are (assuming it’s in America) and pick them up myself. Message me if you still have these and let’s talk. I literally made an account just now so I could message you as I’m usually just a lurker. I live in a golf community and carts are a hot commodity around here