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The title pretty much says it all. I’m looking to buy counterfeit US currency, from 1 dollar bills to 100 dollar bills. Before you say it, no I would not be trying to pass these bills off at banks, retail stores, gas stations, etc. I know how serious it is…

Why do i want it? Simple. I f*cking hate scalpers. I’m talking about the guys that buy every PS5, XBox one, and collectible action figure from every store in a 50 mile radius, then advertise them for double or triple the price.

The bills just need to be good enough to fool the average scalper. From all the in person meet ups I've ever done, I’ve never had anyone check the validity of every bill, especially when you’re handing them 9 $100 dollar bills to buy a PS5 they paid $499 for at Wally.

No I’m not fully heartless, for that $900 dollar console, 4 of the bills would be fake. For that 20 dollar Gi Joe figure he is asking 80 for, 7 of the bills would be fake! I’ll gladly give the scalper retail price, the rest would be fake bills.

I’m not sure what everyone’s take is on conning a con man, but I see it as karma. How can i lift an item from a big box store if a scalper bought the entire supply in order to resell them at a huge markup?

Anyways, if anyone knows where to obtain good quality counterfeit US currency, hit me up.



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stayingblanco wrote

You’re explaining more than you need to. Give me a pm.

I was luckily enough to build a relationship with one of the verified vendors for around 3 years now.

He only chooses to print 20 and 100 dollar bills.

20- 1996-2004 (these models I’ve actually deposited to the bank and spent at the casino)

2004-2017 - bills have textile over national symbols of freedom, discoloration fading security marks ,higher-contrast numerals,

$100: prints the 1996 - 20(15?)

Once again has all security marks and raised textile.

All the bills pass the pen test , scanner, and I can testify that his 20’s I’ve deposited into a atm a plethora of times. His seller reviews confirm that the $100 bills are also capable of atm access but I can’t personally confirm.


Shadowjr wrote

I'm new to this site so I don't know how to send you a dm but I'm interested in the bills!