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What's the best way I should go about it, there's one specific their pediatrician rec.

It's a purple can

Good earth infant formula with iron, the pic looks pretty hard to conceal so maybe a upc swap? He's paying me something for it but not making more of a tip.

So anyone with experience as a male getting out with powder baby formula help a broth out Good stores? Are they tagged? Is baby formula a hot zone??



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BorrowingBrov wrote

a lot of stores lock ts up but if you can find a place that doesn't do that then it would probably be easy to bring in the baby and a diaper bag and conceal it (in the diaper bag) in a blind spot. i know a lot of people with babies bring them into the store in strollers and use them to conceal as well. maybe a stroller with a "sleeping baby" in it with a blanket over it but its really just empty space for your goods. idk man i dont have kids but i think it'd work. good luck.