Submitted by Demona in Illegalism

I'm interested in learning more about how some people print fake receipts and barcode stickers for Small Mart. I imagine the barcode one would be sort of easy; you could just scan and print copies of a legit barcode from something(?).

I've been experimenting with tag switching lately and it's been pretty easy, the only slightly time-consuming part is usually finding a good usable tag and then finding a way to attach it to something without looking obvious.



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Jeremyh172 wrote

I may or may not seen someone at Home Depot print barcodes out of a machine with and item and marked it at like 15$ for 4-500$ tools.


JesusNachosForever wrote

You can buy those thermal printers cheap as hell, especially the older used models from bankrupt restaurants.


Without blank rolls of the watermarked receipt paper, its risky. Unless the employee is dumb as heck.