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ethenticity wrote

you can also damage the box a bit to slide the wrap off if you’re losing time. just try to keep it quiet


Fukwalfarts180 wrote

Have u not read any post other than the first page? There's all kinds of info on how open spider wraps. That said u can buy or "borrow" an s3 key or make your own using neodymium magnets


Demona OP wrote

I have been reading, everything with the term spider wraps. A lot of them are older posts and refer to links that no longer work. I'm just trying to make sure I know what I'm doing before I try messing with them. So spider wraps can be removed with S3 keys?? If so then I am set. :) Thank you


BorrowingBrov wrote

my dad told me that when he was younger he would just rip them straight off the boxes. idk if that would work but that's what he told me lol.