Submitted by Shadowmarx17 in Illegalism

Hey guys, now that weather's warmed up and I can't wear my big jacket anymore, I've come up with a new method. Just scored $40 of razors yesterday at W@lgrens like this:

  1. Walk in the store with two bags of chips or other boring consumables
  2. Find item, move to blind spot, remove tags
  3. Store the item between the consumables and walk out without buying anything

This should all take less than a minute! It worked great for me, I'll try it again today Give me feedback or advice if you have any, thanks



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JimmyFro wrote

did this with a mcdonalds bag when you buy a big mac


NFJ wrote

Nice idea Great for small stuff


ethenticity wrote

this is great for stores located in minimalls or whatever you call them. i mean those stores that are lined up together and almost build a wall hiding the low income houses and apartments behind them