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snugglepug wrote

I'm bored so this turned out longer than expected lmao. This... is just not a good idea. Like, at all. There are just way too many variables. Because I'm bored, and literally love figuring this kind of shit out, lets take a deeper look.

You are relying on nobody seeing you, or somebody seeing you and thinking you work there. If they think you don't work there, you're relying on them not confronting you about it. Then you're relying on somebody just leaving their keys laying around. Even if they do leave the keys around, you're relying on finding them right away. You're also relying on the owner of the keys not reporting them missing before you can use them.

Everything goes your way. You didn't get recognized and now you have these magical keys and use them to open a display. Most items in displays still have spider alarms or RFID strips that need to be removed or demagnetized with a completely different device, so you're relying on the item not having those. If the item has no added security, you're relying on nobody questioning why an employee is removing an item from the store or stopping you.

Maybe you use the keys to unlock the store after hours, if the store can even be locked in the first place. Many stores have one keyholder for a reason. By misplacing the keys, security is alerted and extra precautions are taken to lock the store. But magically that doesn't happen. Now you're relying on the alarm not being activated as well.

Finally, you're relying on LP not doing their job. Even if they don't recognize you at any stage of any of these activities, and you do successfully manage to get items out of the store, you are still on camera. And since you also went wandering in the back, they will literally have shots of you from ALL of their cameras and from all angles. If you arrived in a car, they will have your license plate number. They will track you down, or at the very least, know your face intimately.

If you absolutely have to go this route, you are better off wearing some kind of maintenance outfit and tool belt. During your recon phase, learn the names of the store and warehouse manager. If you're feeling extra, find out the name of the security company that is employed by the store. But even then, this only gets you into the store unnoticed better than wearing employee disguise. Its also easier to get a disguise like this than a legit employee outfit. Literally every single other unreliable factor still applies.

So truthfully, you're probably be more successful sleeping with the manager and stealing her key than literally doing any of this lol.