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Been off here for a bit and couldn't remember my login for the longest time...anyway. I've managed to get 4 different Prisma Premier drawing/colored pencils sets over the last couple of months. Forgot how much I missed lifting. Never really stopped but cut back quite a bit when the pandemic hit. Feels good to be back.

I love to draw but haven't been able to afford nice art supplies. Between Hobby "I'm kind of a shitty company" Lobby and the poor rundown camera - free St@ples, I'm pretty set and will be able to draw to my heart's delight for months/years to come. Thanks for leaving the Prisma sets unlocked/out on the shelf for the taking!



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mario_oiram wrote

I bought some boxes from them online and it was much cheaper than any other retailer. I usually buy my boxes from uline but the price would have doubled with shipping. And somehow staples had free shipping.

Also I don't think staples has anything worth lifting.