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I stole $50 shirt from the backstage area. I shoved it in my purse casually. I of course had my mask on. I then checked out with some cheaper items. However, I reactivated my credit card because I forgot I was stealing. Complete with SS number and everything. Really dumb I know. After checking out I left the store without incident. Do you think they will follow up, or just ignore? It’s not like it was a lot, and I purchased items. Also they can’t prove I didn’t dump it somewhere. Anyway I’m pretty nervous about it. I’ve shoplifted before, but this is my first time from Macy’s. Should I just avoid Macy’s for a while? Or should I go in and dump or purchase the item?



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adi wrote

Seems like, unless you were clocked by LP while stuffing the shirt, you're probably clear. Based on what you've said, it doesn't sound like anyone saw you in the act, and the odds of anyone ever noticing one $50 shirt missing are veryvery low, I'd think. And, on the off chance they did, it seems real unlikely that they'd even go so far as checking cameras, let alone pulling your info, unless and until they notice a pattern. I'm no expert, but these are my thoughts.

Like others have said, probably best to live a Macys-free life for a while and don't make a habit (ie let them build a case), but I wouldn't worry about anyone serving you a warrant or anything.


southerntofu wrote

This could be a concern if you stole for hundreds of euros of stuff. For a single shirt i don't believe there's going to be consequences of any kind ;)