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fdfhf OP wrote

No one way suspicious of me at all. Even had a nice chat with the checkout lady. I’m just worried that LP will question her for my information. But I honestly don’t think they’d do that for one shirt


Tastybiscuits wrote

I wouldn’t worry about it. They would:

  1. Have to know that the specific item you took was missing.
  2. Examine hours if not days worth of camera footage to find the perpetrator (Macy’s has hundred of camera’s this would take forever.)
  3. They have to notice that you were the one that stole it while looking over the hours of footage (which they would probably do on fast forward, which would give them even a bigger chance of missing the conceal.) They would need to be certain beyond a reasonable doubt that it was you (not some dressed like you, or someone the same height as you, etc.) that concealed the item because they would then have to then...
  4. Get approval from store manager to pull up your private information on the internal system. They will also have to be certain that the information you provided then was accurate & not an identity theft.
  5. Call the PD & convince them they have irrefutable evidence that you (and only you) were the perpetrator of this crime & that you didn’t have any opportunity to dump the merch at anytime after concealment.
  6. The PD would have to have the time & resources to go to the store, receive the footage, take a report, come to your house & give you a ticket with a court date on it. If they arrest you, you would be out by the next day at the absolute latest...I highly highly highly doubt this would happen considering we are in a pandemic and they aren’t even having ppl with full on priors stay longer than a couple nights in jail. This is true for my state at least.

The steps involved are beyond what is practical for them to waste their time doing this & would rely on too many uncertain factors to actually secure an arrest or conviction IMO.

BUT, I will say, I worked at Macy’s over X-mas one year at the perfume counter in a very busy mall of a fairly well off area in a modestly sized popular city. This was quiet some time ago. While I was training there they took us into the LP room to do our paperwork, & the store I worked in had a shit ton of rows of TV screens with camera pointing in EVERY direction. We also had at least 3 LP working at all times. They absolutely at the time had a hands on policy & I saw multiple ppl get caught in the short time I worked there. I am just telling you my experience, do with it what you please, but if it were me, I would most definitely not steal from there.


Youngman wrote

Well then, you're fine don't even give a second thought about it but stay away for a bit if you feel like its for your good :)