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We always get caught at some point. May it be once in a lifetime or a few time a year, that all depends on your approach, skills and philosophy. So when it happens, how to quickly respond to it?

I'd be curious about your experiences of getting caught, or how the attempts to catch you have turned out. I was more curious about the situations of people defending themselves from guards, as I fail to see much problems just pushing away or temporarily disabling security personnel just to be able to walk out.

I know this is a sensitive forum that might have security companies sweeping for free information, so answer in respect to your confidentiality.



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Tastybiscuits wrote

Got caught the first time when I was in HS (being naive & busty AF.) As soon as I walked out of the store 2 guys came right behind & started saying “Stop you’re under arrest!” I got scared and tried to run, but I was wearing some jenky ass flip flops & couldn’t go fast. The HUGE (like at least a 250lb Samoan guy wtf) grabbed me (like 115lbs at the time) & started screaming “STOP RESISTING ARREST!” over and over again. I was scared shitless. Luckily they just sent me the Civil Demand letter & made me promise not to come back (might have taken my pic.) I paid it like an idiot because back then there weren’t places like this online that I could find to educate me on that stuff.

2nd time was years later (mid 20s.) My BF & I were cracked TF out & used to hit up Walmart’s at night because our local area didn’t have LP. One night I started getting a sketch feeling and as I was about to leave there was a guy following right behind me, which was odd because there were like no shoppers in the store. I got weirded out & stopped before the exit, but he just walked right out. I waited a few minutes then decided it was cool (ugh like I said I was cracked TF out) & as soon as I took a step out the guy grabbed my arm. I started screaming as loud as I could & luckily my BF was smoking a cig right outside & saw what was happening. My BF’s a big fuckin guy. He comes barreling around the corner with his fist up like he’s gonna knock the guy out. The guy got scared & tried to throw up his hands and protect his face and as soon as he let go of me I ran to my bf. The guy kept saying I was in trouble & had to come with him but my BF wouldn’t let him take me. I finally just dumped all the shit in front of the guy and my BF and I left. Nothing ever happened that time.

3rd time, a couple months after the 2nd. Even more cracked TF out than the 1st time. Went to a Wally in the middle of the day to get a few necessities when the same LP from before saw me. I know he didn’t see me lift because of what happened later in the room, but just assumed I was up to something. Noticed I was alone & stopped me at the door before I even walked through it with 2 other goons. Dragged me back to the room locked the door & called the cops. Merch totaled less than $25 (it was like a toothbrush and some other cheap shit) but he insisted on calling the cops. Even the police were kinda like wtf? But yeah got arrested did like 14 hrs in a holding cell & it fucking sucked. They released me at night and I had to walk like 3 cities over to get home because they let me cell die & every place I could have called from was closed.

LUCKILY, I haven’t been caught since. Knock on wood. But my plan from this point further is if anyone tried to tell me to stop keep walking (or running if I have to), & if they grab me start screaming like they’re trying to rape me & do some self defense moves on them. I usually carry my keys if I’m at all sketch so I can use them as a weapon if need be. I know you can get in trouble from trying to hurt an LP but if you don’t know they’re LP you might not get in trouble or at least not as much. I would say they failed to identify themselves and I had no reason not to believe they were an attacker following a women back to their car.


mario_oiram wrote

The few times I got caught I didn't put up a fight. Not worth adding additional charges. If you get caught then you get caught. Learn from it or stop stealing.


BorrowingBrov wrote

ive been caught pocketing a bracelet at buckle once. the only thing that happened was the lady told me to give it to her and leave.