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I need to borrow a few things from my local Dollar general. I feel a bit nervous, as it's not big like walmart or anything, so I have to constantly move around with 1-2 employees walking around. Would you say it's worth it? I'm just trying to borrow a few school stuff and a few energy drinks. If you have any methods please feel free to drop it. Anything helps



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coinin9hands wrote

Dollar general is mad easy, especially at night when there's hardly anyone there. Afaik most stores don't have LP and cameras aren't monitored, so as long as your immediate area is clear you're good. Advise looking for a smaller store in a low crime area since larger stores and those w higher shrink are more likely to have LP. Even then it's rare for LP at any chain store to make a stop over 5 bucks of Monster, and even rarer for police to respond to the call.


BigThief wrote

Location, location, location.

Your questions is way too wide for true good advice. In my area Dollar Generals are hardcore about stopping lifters. I don't know if they get rewards or what the motivation is.

The only advice I can give you is visit the store and observe how others are observing you. Use Google Maps and find the busiest times and visit the stores during that time frame. 'walk and shop normally' but pay full attention to the employees. The more an employee watches any shopper and constantly watches the exit that is a sign that store is going to be more challenging. The stores where the cashier is always looking down at their phones that is a sign of a store that should be easier.

If you are in a more rural area I think Walmarts are easier just because it is easier for you to disappear in a crowd. In a bigger city with a Walmart that has higher annual sales you are going to find a store that is willing to spend more on security infrastructure and hiring LP. Again, this is very generic advice. You need to always scope out the store before you lift.


A_Plus wrote

I never lifted or even been to a Dollar General but I'll chime in anyways. haha If they sell brand name items for example Old Spice products instead of Mike's long lasting deodorant, and you find its easy to lift from there KEEP DOING IT!! There is no need to find a bigger or harder store if you can get the stuff you need at a particular place that is smaller and easier.

You should consider all stores hard. No store wants people stealing from them even if they have insurance that covers theft and have poor security, don't get overconfident.

Big Thief has the best advice IMO, feel out a store before you lift. What I've seen is that a particular chain in one location has a totally different security system than one in a different nearby location


FKit wrote

In my area there are about 15 dollar generals in a 10 mile radius. I hit them all up. I've made casual convo and even worked at one part time last year at Christmas. Ok, so here, there are only two maybe 3 employees at any time. Manager is usually working stock and one cashier. If there is a 3rd (on truck days) they are working stock as well. Seasonal aisle generally is out of view of cameras. Just make sure those round anti theft stickers are not on any product. They start falling apart if you try to remove it so be aware of that. They unwind in a circular pattern. My advice is definitely try to remove the sticker instead of taking an item out of the package because when they find empty containers they start to pay more attention to the areas that item comes from. And for all of you being rude to the OP, dollar General has name brand items, so why shame them for choosing that company to lift from? Dollar General is a multi million dollar company who pays their employees a non-living wage. They deserve to be ripped off. Also they watch their employees more for theft rather than the customers.


Tastybiscuits wrote

How much does your life fucking suck that you need to “borrow” from Dollar General?


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Tastybiscuits wrote (edited )

Clearly a lot! But come on bro. The kid that farts in class is the human equivalent of lifting from dollar general. You could probably find more valuable items by taking donation bags left behind a Goodwill at night...and technically that’s not even illegal.

And honestly, anything that you could need to borrow from DG (which I’m assuming is hygiene/care items because nothing else would be worth it from there) can be borrowed from the grocery store. Better quality products & less security.

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BigThief wrote

We all start somewhere. Not everyone is near urban areas or have transportation to get to urban areas.

And fuck off for being judgemental. OP is posting for advice. If you don't have any just fucking be a silent keyboard warrior.


liftz wrote

You sound like you’ve never been in the unfortunate position of not being able to afford essentials. Trust me it does fucking suck. They said they’re going for school supplies, should they be hitting up Coach for that?