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So I had the stuff I wanted and I went into a blind spot and concealed a few things in my purse and then had to stop because another shopper got too close for comfort. Right after an employee came over and asked if I needed help (didn’t ask the other girl in the aisle) and then another lady who looked like a manager came over and seemed like she was hovering. When they left me alone I took a few things out of my bag at a time and put them back on the shelf and then I left. I looked to see if they were watching me leave from the store but I didn’t see anyone looking through the window. So even if they think I tried something are they able to do anything about it since I put the stuff back? Maybe just an in-store BOLO? Fortunately this store is about an hour from my house so I won’t go back anytime soon. Guess I didn’t need my lipsticks that bad lol



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LadyMcTheft wrote

You're fine. They got their merch back and you made it out the door safely.
Any time I have an incident I go back over everything, repeatedly, and try fo figure out what the tells were.


whoops OP wrote

I’m wondering if maybe I grabbed too much stuff in a short amount of time? I always make a point of playing like I’m checking the products out and looking for the price when I’m really checking for tags but I try to be in and out in like 10 minutes.


LoveToLoot wrote (edited )

Getting sussed out is normal. It happens to me all the time (or so I think), but I never get caught. For makeup I found what works best is to wait until everyone is busy and then grab your items when no one sees you. Then go to the blind spot and conceal. Then go back and grab more when no one is looking and repeat. Just don't let those women working in cosmetics see you picking things up and then disappearing with them. They know women steal makeup.


whoops OP wrote

Yeah I think where I messed up was going in the middle of the day because I was in the area killing time before an appointment. Usually I go later in the evening when it seems like they’re more busy with closing and more customers are in the store.


coinin9hands wrote

no crime was committed. def no legal action, maybe they put a pic of you in the breakroom and watch you more closely if you come back. good job being careful and better luck next time <3


earlysignam wrote

Great job being careful...and dumping the items at the first available safe moment. can borrow the same items from another store safely..


whoops OP wrote

Thanks! Now I’m just more determined to get my stuff, haha


Moonpai wrote

This exact thing happened to me, except I wanted to go back.

I wore baggy but stiff-ish clothes and returned wearing a mask and a hat. Had an old sample and asked if they had a full size after i spent a while "looking."

Bought the full size and left with my buxom lipglosses