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GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

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Credit card fraud is definitely the way to go! Risk almost non-existent. I know from personal experience. It's actually kinda fucked up: Cops say they don't investigate UNLESS the CC companies approach them with a case. And the CC companies say they don't go to the cops, the cops have to come to them with a warrant or production order for evidence.

Risk is even further mitigated if you apply online for credit cards not in some real person's name but in a completely fictitious name (made up name and date of birth). Problem is you'll need a fake ID in that name because when the credit file gets looked up (and there is no credit file in such name and date of birth), CC Company just assumes the person has no credit history. So they'll send a letter saying u've been conditionally approved, we need to confirm your identity so you need to show up at such and such a place (usually a bank or retail store if it's a store card) with photo ID

The ID is the hard part, since I absolutely refuse to order any online. I'd just be sending my money into a black hole, never to see anything for it. And I just can't walk up to someone in some back alley and tell them I need an ID. Just like in the movie "The Next Three Days", they can tell you to show up with cash the next day and when you do, they beat the shit out of you and take your cash.