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So i already about the bitcoin ATM’s but i don’t wanna do that because i’m bringing in well over $100 a day and using the same ATM is kinda sus since my money is kinda not exactly clean. not gonna get specific but i’m sure you see where i’m coming from. i know about cash app but they wanna see pictures of your ID and government documents which i prefer not to. keep in mind i wanna transfer it daily to someone else’s bitcoin wallet. any tips and suggestions would be very appreciated!



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nbdy wrote (edited )

Convert it to monero, send the monero, and convert a significantly different amount than the initial conversion and then cash out. This is know as tumbling your coins, which you can find some guides about here and there. Don’t use any of the services though, they’ll steal your shit.

Edit: if your btc is dirty, be sure to find a converter that is both reputable, and allows tor. I got no suggestions for you though