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BigThief wrote

Not at all.

Some of us have just been in illegalism for decades. We used to do break and entering. Sometimes there is just a thing you want or need and you spend tens of hours figuring out how to get it. If I started talking about my full background people would say I was full of shit. I have lifted and moved well north of two million dollars worth of gear from different datacenters. This was back in the 2000s when not everyone had a camera, if they had a camera it was VHS quality, and no one had 24/7 armed security.

A few us spend hoards of time just trying little things to see if they work, we get surprised when it works, and then we run a train. I am currently in a train run that I will be glad to talk about later once it has run it's full course.

You can go through my post history. Two years ago I lucked into Google Hubs and picked up over 200 of them. I ran the Cricut train two years ago and went through over 50 units not counting the ironing unit and 1000s of rolls of film, cuting heads, and all kinds of accessories. Three years ago I went through 10k Copic markers. I just finished up close to 4k Daniel Smith watercolors, crates of Arches watercolor blocks, 2-3k brushes.

I am sure LP reads this boards. This board has been quoted more than once. It would be pretty pathetic to come to an online forum to brag about a fake lift.

The proof is always in the words and actions. My post history speaks for itself. I can say captainsoda is pretty damn legit. Downvote his shit if you think he is fake but his words are truth.

Lifting is soon going to be an obsolete hobby. The cost of cameras are cheap, optic zooms are approaching 50x in a camera under $1,000, companies like Lexus Nexus and Palantir have already built huge facial gait databases, the cost of hard drives are so cheap that stores no talk about online storage in years and not months and all of that without compression. The minute the market can consolidate, or someone starts buying out certain OEM/Distributors, you are going to have RFID on everything. They will get smaller, flatter, and be able to be hidden in areas that requires you to disassemble the object so the time spent is no longer worth lifting.

Most everyone should start learning new skills.


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

Lifting is soon going to be an obsolete hobby

Maybe lifting from high end stores to sell on the black market may become an obsolete hobby, but lifting groceries from low end stores will definitely live on. These stores are too cheap to afford the kind of high tech security you brought up, and something tells me they don't even want it. The cost of the technology is not justified by the cheap merchandise.

If anything, grocery supermarkets, in their greedy quest for profit, have made lifting easier with their expansion of self-checkouts. I can just scan one item, pretend to scan three, and play dumb in the highly unlikely event someone ever notices. How do you lift non-concealable items at a regular cashier lane?


BigThief wrote

I believe you are incorrect. In my part of the country the areas with the lowest socio economic classes have stores with armed security, the most cameras, and are always the first to have the cart with wheel locks.


Jacie wrote

Agreed and people who think self check and the dumb act will work haven't been faced with the cameras at walmart self check replaying themselves seconds after 'forgetting' two of their three items. You might be able to pull it off but why test your luck?


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

Yes, I've heard of these cameras that replay past transactions but so what??

You did not forget. You made an attempt to scan each item. One or two failed to scan and you did not notice. Where's the intent to steal? What shoplifting case do they have in court? (assuming you can locate the person after they're gone, so u can charge them).

Camera can play all day for all I care. The only thing it can conclusively prove is that there was one or two unsuccessful scanning attempts, so its purpose, other than a scare deterrent, looks to be to alert the monitoring employee to go and assist customer IF customer is still at the till.

There is no way to prove that a missed scan was intentional. Customers are not cashiers and even cashiers miss scans. Go ahead, ask a self check out customer how often they look at their total before they're about to pay with the debit card.

Missed scans happen all the time, stores are aware of this and are willing to tolerate it for the money it saves in cashier wages. I'm very curious to see any real self check out shoplifting cases that have gone to trial (as opposed to just pled guilty).


Taxinator wrote (edited )

Uffff your posts give me CHILLS. You love to see it!!


FiveFingerDiscount wrote

Yeah figures right when I get into this kind of stuff, I find out it's already going to be obsolete and i'm just wasting my time. I'm never going to be able to get a normal job, cant stand working with other people in real life. What a depressing post. I'm going to go drink heavily now.