Submitted by eagle677 in Illegalism

So my sister has started getting into collecting those blind box Mini Brands things (they’re like tiny groceries I guess) and her birthday is coming up. I saw them at party city and they keep theirs behind the counter. Anyone had any luck getting these dumb little things? Lol



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Taxinator wrote

Lol I have no idea what you’re talking about but it sounds adorable and hilarious


Tastybiscuits wrote

Oh trust me it is. There is a TikTok account for this girls hamster & she sets him up with all the different Mini Brands & has him wear outfits and it is pretty much the greatest animal account to rock the web since Doug The Pug. The hamster was even featured on John Oliver!!


LadyMcTheft wrote

Try a different Party City in a more affluent area. Walmart might have them too. Check online.


316am wrote

Walmart and target! My gf loves them lol