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MidwestMarauder wrote

People on their phones. Some LPs thinks that it makes them invisible. Especially if you run into them twice and they're talking about two totally different topics, or their conversation doesn't make sense- good tipoff that they're probably actually speaking to someone on cameras/ waiting to catch you, etc.


LoveFreeStuff wrote

Several employees hanging out near the entrance/exit is a good sign. Otoh, it generally means that their lp is hands off.


earlysignam wrote

If I happen to see the same employee hovering close by..more than once..I will ditch the concealed goods immediately. . This method has saved me a few times...


Tastybiscuits wrote

A few days ago I had what I am assuming was a plain clothes follow me to the shampoo aisle & stay there pretending to intensely peruse the shampoo selection for close to 20 minutes (possibly longer tbh.) He then accidentally said what’s up to a coworker friend of his that had just clocked in. Then when he realized he couldn’t keep standing near me, he left the aisle with nothing & went over to act busy close to the door. The ridiculous thing was I wasn’t even trying to steal anything.

What kind of normal customer intensely studies a wide range of differently priced shampoos (mostly for women) & then decides to walk away empty handed? I noticed that right after he left I had the Supervisor constantly walking by, conveniently needing to put back inventory directly next to where I was standing....


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

Yea, they're pathetic. When i used to work for WM our plain clothes LP did a lame job trying to look like a customer. He had no shopping cart or basket, just walked around manhandling products from several unrelated departments. Pretended to talk on the phone but it didn't make any sense cause he was jumping from topic to unrelated topic. What lifter worth his salt would be foolish enough to lift in plain view of that thug?

The only time I ever saw him stop someone, he stopped a street bum who looked coked out his head and didn't give a damn who was watching him, plus he'd been lifting regularly from this location so they'd made him. This time, he came in with a backpack, walked straight to the meat department and started stuffing the backpack with steaks. If you're lifting when you're that stoned and careless, I'd say you deserve to get caught.