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Lebg wrote (edited )

I read all your threads about carding and didn't know that this kind of stuff existed so I looked on internet what it was to help me understand what you were talking about. This is definitely not my type of illegal activity and it seems so complicated to learn as I'm not good with computers and all but I fell on websites where carders sell their ability to people like me. It feels to me that it is necessarily a scam bc why people that can pull out thousands of dollars out of nowhere sell it for a hundred bucks (saw few ones that sell MacBook iPhones or 8000$ western union for 500$). For someone like you that knows what it is all about, is it a scam or can I really take advantage of these offers. Or maybe, you know some legit carders that sell their ability (to me darknet seems the best place for people like this not regular internet but I'm no expert).

The website I fell on is cardingteam dot net