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BigThief wrote

5 steps is a corporate / cultural rule that most companies and LP follow. It helps them avoid a bad stop and unnecessary damages by being sued.

Also note, ONLY these states have laws that prohibit two way mirrors or cameras in the dressing room: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, South Dakota and Utah

I believe every state has a shop keepers law which allows them to detain you for a period of time if they have reasonable suspicion. That is quoted verbatim from my states law. You can easily see there is no exact nor maximum of amount of time they can detain you. My state also does not explicitly state if force can be used and by how much. Lastly, reasonable suspicion is equally vague. At the end of the day the law favors the shop owner more than the shoplifter.

To answer your question, LP can stop you for any reason. They can make any claim to search your person or detain you and call the police to perform a search. If they do so and find nothing then you are in for a payout.


bna_hoe wrote

or they could have counted the articles of clothing on your arm before you entered and then once you left. or they find empty hangers or witness you placing empties on the rack.


falcons wrote

LOL. the 5 steps isnt a law. Its a "guideline". As former LP I can't tell you how many times I caught people on just 4 steps. If lifters are willing to break the rules, so is LP. It's just an unfortunate fact of the game.


MidwestMarauder wrote

? Let's say you enter the fitting room with 3 pieces of merch: A red shirt, a blue shirt, and a white shirt. If you exit without the white shirt, and ditch the other two somewhere I'm the store, and then start to leave... they can just look in the fitting room you just left, and see if the white shirt is in there. Logically, if it isn't in there, you still have it.