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Tastybiscuits wrote

Lately when I have been doing high end, I prefer to tag switch instead of straight lift. Winter clothes are hard to conceal and I have been really wanting som specific things.. Works great at N Rack especially with the really high end stuff. Just make sure you put a relatively believable price on the items you’re buying otherwise you can get called out fast. Most recently I got a $400 (on sale) Vince Sherpa coat (retail was over $900- wtf??!!!) by switching the tag with a Vince Sweater that cost around $55. Totally fucking worth it. Also make sure you get someone at checkout who is obviously oblivious AF. If it’s your turn to checkout & the gay guy wearing the same clothes you just saw in the store calls you to his register, act like you just saw something cute you want to buy on the checkout line goodie lane & offer to let the person behind you go first while you check it out.

Tag gun cost less than $20 on Amazon & Ebay. They are an inconceivably valuable tool for the times when regular lifting is more challenging than need be. I have easily stolen them from stores when shitty employees were too busy gossiping to man the dressing rooms. Lots of boutique-y type small overpriced stores tend to just leave them laying around all Willy billy with the plastic barbs still inserted & everything.


bna_hoe wrote

all 3 but it really depends on the store and if Im shopping for myself or customers. fitting rooms are sometimes nice but in high end are usually the place that garners the most employee hovering and interactions. I always remove tags but I dont put them in articles i took in the dressing room in case they back track my movements, I normally drop them while continuing to browse or in trash behind the counters