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The best feeling: browsing a different store after already doing a good haul, knowing that even if you don’t get anything here, you won’t be empty-handed

The worst feeling: the nervous twinge while walking by the bleepers at exit, even when you haven’t concealed anything with a tag.



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LoveToLoot wrote (edited )

Best feeling: Throwing all my old junk away finally because I know I can replace it for free. Saving for a free vacation with resold goods. Getting to literally have new hobbies and interests because I can collect everything for said hobby for free.

Other good feelings: Not having buyer's remorse with shoddy goods. It was free, so just throw it away; not having to stand in a long line of paying customers, not having to pay tax on these already overpriced items.


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote (edited )

Not having buyer's remorse with shoddy goods

Omg, yess. Somebody finally said it! I can't tell you how many times I've lifted a product I found to be shitty and then told myself "this is what I would've been paying for"

not having to pay tax on these already overpriced items

I'm with you there 100% as well. Leaving aside that these sales taxes go mostly for government employee salaries, benefits, and pensions we can only dream of, the sales tax is actually a form of false price advertising: example, in the Canadian province where I live, retailers collect 13% sales tax from customers but actually only have to remit 4.4% to the government.


Taxinator wrote

Yesss love that I’m not attached to stuff or rather, don’t have to be when I know I can just easily replace it!


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

Best feeling: deceiving the greedy corporations that think they're collecting absurdly high prices while stealing working class wages. The joke is on them. Every day!


chris2c wrote

Just started getting my feet wet but some of yalls post is my goal...I don't want to be rich i just want to be able to get what my family wants...