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Its been years since I paid for groceries or clothing or anything home related such as housewares, dishes, cosmetics, furniture, alcohol, electronics, shoes, luggage, etc. If I can physically lift it, I'm not paying for it. Largest lift was probably a 160lbs generator. In fact, I find myself cringing if I have to spend even $5 when I'm out with anyone and I can't lift what we are getting. How do I get out of this mentality? Anyone else have the same issue?



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Subversive_Element wrote

You have a cocky attitude and almost sound entitled, as a lifter. It’s always a numbers/odds game, and since you “never pay for anything” eventually you are going to get caught.

I lift about 1G in merch (approx) a month and every time I do, I stay humble, stay alert, and I know any dollar i net in profit is a bonus and I’m grateful.

I still buy groceries even though I’ve done 300 dollar cart walkouts. I still buy, even if I know i can take, but I remind myself EVERY lift can be the one where a rogue wannabe cop lp decides to piledrive me into the pavement and the humiliation of getting caught, court, etc. kick in.

Stay humble, pimp. Getting arrogant and complacent means getting sloppy and your 1000th time could be the one where the cops are called the second you walk into the store.


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

I doubt OP even lifts as much as he claims to lift. There's no way without ending up in jail. One time he said he walked away with a $3500 bike from REI or some place. Right! Like they just let you walk out with an item of that price. It would almost certainly be locked in the store.

This post is more like what another responder here called it: "fantasy posting". Not that there's anything wrong with it per se, but hardly the purpose of this forum. I come here for tips and inside advice but anymore that's dried up.


earlysignam wrote

I haven't purchased shaving razors, soap, shampoo, nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashewnuts), clothes, shoes since 2015...


SingupBOB wrote

Yeah, shaving razors... 10 euros a pack. The fuck. Inflated prices... I also get free salmon... 20 euro each package... I get several packages in my shopping bag and then at the self check out I only pay for 1 or 2 at most...


LadyMcTheft wrote

I pay for gas, coffee, and the occasional restaurant meal but that's pretty much it. I don't need a lot, live very simply and just take what I need. I only lift for purpose these days and know what I want when I enter a store. I do pay for larger items that I can't conceal. Walk outs aren't a thing in my area currently. Doors and foot traffic are monitored due to Covid.


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

You've already had other posts on this topic and it's getting old.

Many of us can say we haven't paid for small things or for certain groceries in a while, but not paying for ANYTHING is just a shitty pipe dream and everyone knows it. You're more than welcome to try and run off with a full tank of unpaid for gas from the gas station but you wouldn't dare. Because you know you're going to have the cops on your ass faster than you can blink, fake plates or not.

I believe you're the one who posted about the physical fight you got into with an LP, after lifting a $200 pair of jeans, resulting in you getting a bleeding head.

So let's get real bud. How it works is you lift what's up for lifting. Other things you just have to pay for. I'd love to be able to lift my favorite restaurant meal but unless you pay for it up front at the counter it won't even be assembled for you.


A_Plus wrote

agreed, but you probably should have let OP continue with their fantasy posting. haha I understand your response though, lifting can carry serious charges and you don't want someone to think you can easily lift furniture, luggage, big-screen HD TV's, kitchen appliances, car parts, etc. for a long period of time! OP sounds like a guy bragging/lying about his sexual conquests. hahaha

When it comes to lifting, there is only so much you can lift all the time without ever paying imo, these are items that you can fit in your pockets, pants, shoes, etc such as batteries, lotion, or food that comes in smaller packages, its hard for people to notice you have these items on you. All the other stuff like walkouts, barcode switching, using tools to open secure packages is very risky.


Undetectable OP wrote

You wouldn't happen to have any fries to accompany all that salt you threw down would you? Preferably free, because, well... yeah.


Taxinator wrote

Your response is funny and good natured but I have to agree with GOWC.. I mean the idea that you don’t pay for ANYTHING including furniture and luggage is laughable to ME. But will I sit here and call you out on it beyond an eye roll and a chuckle, no sir because I genuinely WOULD like to believe you don’t pay for anything and at the end of the day I don’t really know that you don’t, now do I? So carry on.


LoveToLoot wrote

Well to be fair, most of the things he lifts that he mentioned are probably concealable. If he's working with a partner who can carry around a purse, it's likely that many of the things he lifted are doable. Larger items could be doable with some knowledge about the store, preplanning, social engineering and a partner. I've no idea how you would get away with furniture but I've been in a furniture store before with ZERO cameras; there were several associates on the floor though.