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Subversive_Element wrote

You have a cocky attitude and almost sound entitled, as a lifter. It’s always a numbers/odds game, and since you “never pay for anything” eventually you are going to get caught.

I lift about 1G in merch (approx) a month and every time I do, I stay humble, stay alert, and I know any dollar i net in profit is a bonus and I’m grateful.

I still buy groceries even though I’ve done 300 dollar cart walkouts. I still buy, even if I know i can take, but I remind myself EVERY lift can be the one where a rogue wannabe cop lp decides to piledrive me into the pavement and the humiliation of getting caught, court, etc. kick in.

Stay humble, pimp. Getting arrogant and complacent means getting sloppy and your 1000th time could be the one where the cops are called the second you walk into the store.


GoodOldWorkingClass wrote

I doubt OP even lifts as much as he claims to lift. There's no way without ending up in jail. One time he said he walked away with a $3500 bike from REI or some place. Right! Like they just let you walk out with an item of that price. It would almost certainly be locked in the store.

This post is more like what another responder here called it: "fantasy posting". Not that there's anything wrong with it per se, but hardly the purpose of this forum. I come here for tips and inside advice but anymore that's dried up.