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I'd love to hear any recommendations/opinions on best purses to use for concealing merchandise when lifting. I'm always on the lookout for one that is rigid (to avoid obvious bulging) and large but not "too large", and easy to open and close.

I'd also be interested in hearing about any customizations you do to your purses to better assist with lifting. Some purses I have for such are "perfect" in every way except they aren't rigid enough, or don't close easily, etc etc. What do you do to make your purse be the perfect lifting purse?



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LadyMcTheft wrote

My favorite is a large rectangular purse with an adjustable strap. I can wear it crossbody or on my shoulder and adjust it to hang where I need it to for easy concealment. It holds a lot more than it looks and is somewhat structured.


sicknbroke wrote

A large rectangular purse as well. got it from H&M like 6-7 years ago. It's structured and has two thin zips on the inside that can hold quite a bit. I can only use it if I dress up, though.


LoveToLoot wrote (edited )

My lifting purse at the moment is just a plain and basic black rectangular purse I got years ago probably from an H&M or something. It is semi-structured. When it's full, you can sort of see it's full. But when I first walk into the store, I hold it under my arm in such a way as not to flatten it and avoid making it appear empty. The purse is one big compartment inside with no zippers to mess with. It just has a clasp closure that I don't bother using. Everything goes in quickly. My bag is a medium size and I could probably go a bit bigger without looking too sus but this bag has served me very well. It fits a surprising amount.

Here is a tip I use every time: Carry in your bag a thin t-shirt. Take the t-shirt out and fill the bag to the brim with goods, then place the t-shirt on the top of the bag to hide what's inside. Not having to zip up the bag or anything means you're going to be able to get a lot in there.

Tip #2: Don't carry anything in your purse (ID, wallet, phone). If you must, carry those on your body. In the event you ever get caught and they try to grab your purse or something, you can just ditch the purse and run.


liftz wrote

I have a Michael Kors Selma bag. It was the most popular one that all the tumblr lifters recommended back in the day and it really is good. It hardly changes shape when you stuff it full.


Tastybiscuits wrote

All of this is perfect. I use a scarf or shawl or kimono instead of a t-shirt, usually try to enter the store wearing it then take it off while shopping acting like it’s making me hot. Also a good way to cover the bag upon entry so that when you’re leaving they can’t tell a difference in purse fullness.


Tastybiscuits wrote

Right now I’m using my LV Monogram Neverfull GM. It’s fucking huge & I can fit more than a reasonable amount in there without it looking like anything is in it at all. I usually take the interior pouch (& my phone, keys, mask holder if needed) and put it on top of my lift to masquerade it as just another messy bag if anyone were to catch a glimpse in. Haven’t used it for clothes yet as right now I’m on an inventory stocking run for my reseller platforms, but before that I was using my Givenchy Antigona Bambi Tote which is basically the same size & surprisingly never had an issue. I also live in a fairly affluent area where these kinds of bags are commonplace so I think that helps draw away suspicion, plus I am an age where it is reasonably appropriate to own & carry a purse of this size.

I know they sell these fabric rectangular bag organizers for the Neverfull online & I have been thinking of ordering one to give my bag a more defined structure, hopefully it will help me to be able to fill it up more without the sides giving anything away.


orisha wrote

Was your givenchy a legit purchase or a lift/bought with boosted funds? I've wanted a givenchy antogonia forever, didn't know it came in tote form! Also curious what kinds of items your reselling if you don't mind sharing that