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Tastybiscuits wrote

Right now I’m using my LV Monogram Neverfull GM. It’s fucking huge & I can fit more than a reasonable amount in there without it looking like anything is in it at all. I usually take the interior pouch (& my phone, keys, mask holder if needed) and put it on top of my lift to masquerade it as just another messy bag if anyone were to catch a glimpse in. Haven’t used it for clothes yet as right now I’m on an inventory stocking run for my reseller platforms, but before that I was using my Givenchy Antigona Bambi Tote which is basically the same size & surprisingly never had an issue. I also live in a fairly affluent area where these kinds of bags are commonplace so I think that helps draw away suspicion, plus I am an age where it is reasonably appropriate to own & carry a purse of this size.

I know they sell these fabric rectangular bag organizers for the Neverfull online & I have been thinking of ordering one to give my bag a more defined structure, hopefully it will help me to be able to fill it up more without the sides giving anything away.


orisha wrote

Was your givenchy a legit purchase or a lift/bought with boosted funds? I've wanted a givenchy antogonia forever, didn't know it came in tote form! Also curious what kinds of items your reselling if you don't mind sharing that