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LoveToLoot wrote (edited )

My lifting purse at the moment is just a plain and basic black rectangular purse I got years ago probably from an H&M or something. It is semi-structured. When it's full, you can sort of see it's full. But when I first walk into the store, I hold it under my arm in such a way as not to flatten it and avoid making it appear empty. The purse is one big compartment inside with no zippers to mess with. It just has a clasp closure that I don't bother using. Everything goes in quickly. My bag is a medium size and I could probably go a bit bigger without looking too sus but this bag has served me very well. It fits a surprising amount.

Here is a tip I use every time: Carry in your bag a thin t-shirt. Take the t-shirt out and fill the bag to the brim with goods, then place the t-shirt on the top of the bag to hide what's inside. Not having to zip up the bag or anything means you're going to be able to get a lot in there.

Tip #2: Don't carry anything in your purse (ID, wallet, phone). If you must, carry those on your body. In the event you ever get caught and they try to grab your purse or something, you can just ditch the purse and run.


Tastybiscuits wrote

All of this is perfect. I use a scarf or shawl or kimono instead of a t-shirt, usually try to enter the store wearing it then take it off while shopping acting like it’s making me hot. Also a good way to cover the bag upon entry so that when you’re leaving they can’t tell a difference in purse fullness.