Submitted by eagle677 in Illegalism

So a lot of you probably also have a CVS near you that puts these little white stickers that say something like “For Sale only at CVS #123”. Will those set off towers or are they just regular stickers? They’re really hard to get off so if something I want has one I just don’t even bother. Thanks.



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Snotboogy wrote

No those white stickers generally do not set off towers. CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, etc get hit hard by crackheads that steal razors, deodorant, multipacks of gum, toiletries, etc by the hundreds sometimes. They sell them to fences and bodegas that give them about 30 ish cents on the dollar. So the idea is that if you see merchandise at these bodegas with these stickers, 1 you know theyre buying stolen merchandise and 2 maybe you’ll call the number on the sticker. Typically the stickers will also instruct to call a certain number if you see this item sold somewhere else.