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Those big blocky tags that have wires that wrap around a product (I think they're usually called Tag2) . Do they emit a more powerful signal than the usual peelable tags/red tags that go through a dvd etc? My bag is great with those tags, could it handle a Tag2? And they only start screaming if the wires are cut, not if they set off the main security pillars?

Myabe all tags emit the same level of signal but I thought I'd just make sure lol they're scary looking things! >. <



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BigThief wrote

I do not know about tag 2 but this is my experience...

If you buy the big roll of aluminum foil that is rated for restaurant use, 10 layers of that will block all Alpha Tags and Invue cases.


LoveToLoot wrote

Will that same method work against RF/AM tags and source tagging? Does the bag have to be 100% lined, like top/bottom/sides?


bombastershop wrote

2alarm =

  1. the presence of an anti-theft mark.
  2. Electronic protection from cutting the cable, when cutting the cable, the sensor will respond with an audible alarm. (this anti-theft sensor can be carried out in the fabric if the RF gate or under the muffler if the gate is AM or RF)

3alarm =

  1. the presence of an anti-theft mark.
  2. protection from cutting the cable.
  3. The ability of the tag to respond to the radiation of the gate, the sensor will respond to the gate of its own built-in sensor sound signaling as well as when cutting the cable. (this does not protect either the jammers or the fabric, the sensor will respond with an acoustic alarm, since the analysis system is set to receive the signal exactly from the gate, and no matter how we like, the gate is always more powerful and jamming and the properties of the fabric, which does not violate the sensor response, but the possibility of obtaining a signal without interference). solution:
  • It is necessary to deactivate the sensor in a regular way, take a special detacher and open the spider. in the inactive form, the system of protection against penetration through the anti-theft gate, does not work.

Taxinator wrote

Pretty sure spider wraps need to be disarmed first. Even jammers can’t conceal the frequency unless they’ve been disarmed first


Lebg wrote

Sorry I'm a little late to the party but I was considering acquiring the 2 in 1 jammer from bombastersho because the electronic store that I'm targeting has magnet detector gates at the entrance. Are you 100% sure that jammers are not powerful enough with alpha spider wraps or alpha cases? I don't know how the jammers work but thought it was jamming the signal of the gate not of the tag.


Taxinator wrote

You can see above bombbaster answers himself. With alpha spiders you need to take them off first, only then can you walk out with them with the jammer on. The jammer is not a magic wand. Do your research. There is a huge learning curve and major risks that come along with using it properly. A lot of variables you need to account for and master before you can use it without getting caught.


Hardlyworking4 wrote

Spider wraps you can usually inch off.. or bend the cardboard... if applicable. I got one off a printer once.