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So the Walmart where I now currently live in keep the ibuypower and really nice gaming desktops just put granted they have spider wire granted I’m not at all worried about that because I can take those off super easy!! I really just need advice on best method to do I was thinking just walking out with it and keep er moving but wanted some veterans advice also I’m pretty good at boosting myself I have stolen the mainly electronics aka games (before glass case) usb etc from Walmart’s but I want this pc and gaming monitor..Methods I’ve considered; Justfucking walking out Fake tag( seems sketch to me tho) Any and all advice much appreciated



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SerotoninSyndrome wrote

If you do end up tag switching or whatever and they notice at the register, they’re probably just going to call you out on the spot rather than let you under pay and bust you at the door. Honestly though expensive electronics are going to be some of the much more closely watched items. I’m not sure because I don’t steal from Walmarts near where I live because they all have super intense LP. Might be different where you live though


Subversive_Element wrote

I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing, except with a used receipt. Other than that, have a parked car near a fire door, one preferably without the 15 second delay, and no plates... Let me know if you make this happen.


auntie_fa wrote

could bag on blind spot, and walk out buying a candy bar or whatever at self checkout; bring a buddy as lookout