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Just got back from w@lgrens where I concealed some protein powder and water bottle in my jacket, and walked out. While I passed the door, some lady shouted “sir” behind me and I saw her dial the cops on my way out. Unless she has photographic memory and 20/20 vision she doesn’t know my license plate. I’m nervous but also very proud of myself for not panicking or freezing. I just kept moving without a word.



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Subversive_Element wrote

She probably was just dialing her manager who was in his office, stock area. Unless you robbed the place with a gun, the police would give her a “cool story bro” and left it at that.

They might put some pictures of you up in the backroom, maybe send one to the cops but for less than 50 dollars worth of merch, noone is going to be kicking down your door.


Loserdub wrote

Remember they more than likely have cams on the outside and inside, especially a pharmacy

I would take off any stickers or special identifying markers on your vehicle

Also if your local police agency has a website or facebook monitor that


CrackRockUnsteady wrote

One time I tried to snag a cheap pair of earbuds from a Walgreens. Didn’t realize they were chipped and the alarm beeped me on the way out. Just took off and skateboarded away as the lady said wait weakly and didn’t bother to leave the store. Went back after 6 months, I still shop there but don’t have a reason to lift from it anymore.


JimmyFro wrote

Same shit happen 2 me! walked off with a big ass GNC bulk 1340 but i made it so obvious. had to make a run for it, i heard literal police sirens (it was 8pm) and i hid next to parked cars in a sidewalk. i think those police cars were either for me, or someone else because they passed me.