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LiftedandstillGifted wrote

The nest thermostats are source tagged. The nest cameras are not. Including the nest hello doorbell cams im pretty sure.


Liftuplease wrote (edited )

The ones by me aren’t even watching the cameras because of COVID. Just duck and tuck. If the door alarm goes off just keep walking because there not supposed to even come near you with Covid lurking.


ShadesPath wrote

First, you go through the doors. Second, you grab the items. Third, you go to the cashiers and do what we in the business call a "transaction". You give them the money for the items and then they scan them so that security isn't alerted when you walk out door. Lastly, you take the receipt and walk out the store all smooth-like.


TalkAme OP wrote

Haha very funny....


ShadesPath wrote

I straight up thought this was a trap so I responded snarkily but the negative ratio O have incurred tells me my snarky response was not appreciated. I apologize.


Lazlo1997 wrote

That sounds dangerous. Very irresponsible to be giving out tips like that!