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LiftedandstillGifted wrote

I've been lifting for 20 years and i recently worked at a Homie D for 3 years. Think about risk vs. reward because this method will fail you eventually. If i was working loss prevention, anyone who carries a shopping bag or a backpack, etc, would instantly be red flagged and watched closely. I once had a walmart call the police on me at 2am just because i had a bookbag on my back. And that was about 8 years ago.


TalkAme OP wrote

I mean not really right now people are pushing for consumers to use less waste and plastic so now it normal to carry Ruasable bags sometimes even the cashiers congratulate me for caring about the environment but yea it not like a backpack because who wears a back pack to the store?Unless your trying to steal. Also I don’t stuff it to the brim.


LadyMcTheft wrote

It seems like you're hitting the same stores repeatedly. Take a road trip to a nice, upscale area, dress appropriately, hit some stores within a certain radius, don't go back for at least 6 months.


LadyMcTheft wrote (edited )

What I meant was if you're going to keep hitting the same home improvement stores, expand your territory. Don't hit the same locations too frequently.


MidwestMarauder wrote

Both of those stores LP focus on repetitive ORC, which, by what you have described, is what you are becoming. L LP is generally pretty bad, and recently got cut hard, but HD is fairly reputable.