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“$600? Is this supposed to be a fucking joke? Our government refuses to send financial help for months, and then when they do, they only give us $600? The average person who was protected from getting evicted is in debt by $5,000 and is about to lose their protection, and the government is going to give them $600.? There are people lining up at 4 am and standing in the freezing cold for almost 12 hours 3-4 times a week to get BASIC NECESSITIES from food pantries so they can feed their children, and they get $600? There are people who used to have good paying jobs who are living on the streets right now. There are single mothers starving themselves just to give their kids something to eat. There are people who’ve lost their primary bread winner because of COVID, and they’re all getting $600??

Christ, what the hell has our country come to? The government can invest billions into weaponizing space but can only give us all $600 to survive a global pandemic that’s caused record job loss.”



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celebratedrecluse wrote

$600 , with that, you can left hand a lot of things


Taxinator OP wrote (edited )

LMAO right?!?


celebratedrecluse moderator wrote (edited )


all USA /f/illegalism users now required to verify accounts for compliance with SESTA/FOSTA FISA court proceedings

acceptable forms of verification:

  • memorable burner voip account password

  • corrupted bob black diss track PDF

  • list of things you left handed with the $600


BigThief wrote

Not trying to be funny, but are you really shocked and surprised?


Taxinator OP wrote

Nah, saw this on Reddit front page and shared. Seemed like an appropriate reminder for the forum. Something about beating a dead horse though right?



It's all terrible but

what the hell has our country come to?

USA is not the center of the universe


alexayanchenko wrote

Bruh just grab your fav weapon and we end capitalism and money. fuck economy.


Stigmata wrote (edited )

I was discussing with some friends that a base model AR-15 costs about $600. Food for thought.