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MAPLE wrote

You have a couple of options.

Pick up the coat, detag in a blind spot, and wear out of the store. If you dress to match the coat you want and act unsuspisciously, perhaps even buying a candy bar or something else that's cheap with cash.

Smash and grab- walk in, pick up the jacket, and walk out again. Don't stop walking no matter who calls out to you. Run if you need to.

Shopping cart walk out- fill up a cart to normal levels and do the same as before.

All of these options have the possibility of burning the store. Do you have access to a vehicle? Public transport would also help. You want to go to one that hasn't seen you in a long time (months) and you haven't used a credit card at.

This increases your chances of not being caught if LP tries to chase. Hide or remove your plates. Or walk from a few blocks away.

Sorry if any of this doesn't make sense, I had to write it quickly in between errands. Like undetectable said, it's not a big deal. Just be confident.


GoodOldWorkingClass OP wrote

I have my own car but i'll have to park in an adjacent lot cause i don't have flip plates right now (not that i see any cameras in any WPhart parking lot in my area).