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Lebg wrote

100% sure I wanted to verify once and I bought a cheap t shirt so I went to checkout and then I replaced the paid t shirt by the exact same but taken from the shelves and it set off the gate, I waited for a vendor that checked my ticket and ripped off this tag and said I can go bc technically I bought it. Maybe some of them don't work but they are supposed to be deactivated at checkout. It is so easy to rip them off and hide them that I prefer to do it and not take risks. Are the tags like this at your uniqlo store or are they hard tags?


Almonds wrote

I lifted from there quite a few times and I never took off the tag lol! I never set off the alarm too. Maybe they just didn’t activate them because I doubt they’re trying to case build me, the felony limit here is quite high. They’re not going to wait for me to lift enough $30 shirts to reach the thousands lol?! My friends friend worked there and said they don’t put hard tags on items under like $50 or something. She said lots of people shoplift there because they’re always finding the ripped off tags in the corners lmao


babybirch wrote

When I was last there, I saw an employee waving around a beeping scanner to - what I'm assuming was- taking stock of inventory. I'm pretty sure it's just the tags on the price tags they use.

Usually with fast fashion, tags are not really sewn in to the garment. But always check first and never assume.