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When you lift, do you attempt to avoid any and all eye contact?

Sometimes I’ll accidentally make eye contact with an employee and will find it extremely awkward, as I feel if I look away they might sus me, so often I look at them a extra second if they hold eye contact and present a gentle closed mouth smile. It feels more comfortable doing that but at the same time now they have more attention to me than they would have. Although it may be positive. But ultimately no attention is better than positive attention.

What do you guys think?



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LOB54 wrote

Don't actively avoid it, don't actively make it. Act natural. Act like any other customer.


LoveToLoot wrote

I try to use my peripherals as much as possible to "see" people around me while looking at products on the shelves, appearing as normal as possible. If an employee greets me at the door or in the store, I will be friendly and say hello.

If I'm making eye contact with the same employee over and over then to me it feels like they are sus'ing me out. At that point I try to ditch and leave the store. I know sometimes I'm overly paranoid but it beats getting caught.

And I also try to limit my conversations with any employees in the store. I don't want them to remember me the next time I come back.


babybirch wrote

I'm friendly when I need to be, which mostly happens if a worker greets me and asks me if I need help with anything. But I never start a conversation.

The last time I made eye contact with an employee from across the store and they kept their eye on me, they just sent their coworker along to tell me where the cash register was. And I just left with what I had.

The time before, an employee saw me put my phone into my pocket and sussed me enough to slyly talk to who I'm assuming was her manager working the floor. And I just felt all eyes on me. I still left with about $500 worth of things though.

Luckily, I've yet to be caught for anything. But when things like this happen, it's best to eat the loss and leave as soon as you can


Lebg wrote

what did you steal for 500$ ? I want to steal for reselling after but single product that cost a lot are overly protected in my country.


babybirch wrote

There's a higher end department store chain near me that has been pretty easy to lift from. Many of their more expensive items have just a security sticker that's very easy to peel off. Few things are spider wrapped. And because of covid, they've cut their entrances/exits down to half. But there are still too many doors and some are without any security guards.

This is a store that's mostly known in my own country. Some more well known stores are definitely harder to take from.