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BigThief wrote

Couple things to be aware of

  1. Underground utilities nullifies wire cutting.
  2. Ensure the system is not setup to automatically call if a signal is not detected.
  3. House has a gas generator or a battery bank array.

The one unknown is if the system is armed and you are within earshot of neighbors. You trigger the alarm and you are are screwed.

An easy way around this is to compromise the house through the garage. Take a drywall knife with you and cut the wall from the garage into the home. Most newer homes are moving away from inside motion detection and only monitor doors and windows.

Check for houses that have the break box on the outside. The same for businesses as well. Trip the main breaker, wait 2-4 hours for most battery systems to discharge and then go in.

The cell jammer is an excellent tool. I would research Raspberry Pi wifi jammer. This is an excellent tool for most remote cameras. Take a high grade laser with you to point at cameras. Hopefully you have done your research and their is no dog or anyone home. Make sure you are in good athletic shape.


BusinessGuy123 OP wrote

The box cutter idea is great, the issue is some people might not have the ability to pick locks. A tried & true method is to use a pry-bar to break open basement windows & crawl through there. Basement windows normally just have a small plastic or metal latch you can easily break to slide the window open without needing to break the glass.

But then you have to deal with the security system in this situation if it's wired. Hence the alarm system, however it's often easy to spot the white magnetic window sensor just by looking at the perimeter of the window. I'm surprised how many security companies neglect the basement windows. But if you're overweight this would automatically not be an option for you.


falcons wrote

I have installed many recessed window and door sensors. They're in the frame/jamb and cant been seen. Just an fyi. Not all sensors are mounted/installed on the surface.