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Yep it's good times till you hear that voice behind you walking out, or some 5 0 or waiting by the door to give you that wonderful walk of shame back in the store.

Theb your.sitting in jail, waiting for so.eine to bond you out and you know the year or two is gonna suck because you made one stupid mistake .

Be careful out there-remember the biggest and in many cases ONLY reason ppl get caught is being greedy or over ambitious.

Only time I got caught? 2nd time out with alpha key and was just so amazed I could remove the.spider wrap and it's mine! Big mistake



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BigThief wrote

Keep your lifts under felony level for the area you are lifting in. Much decreased chance of going to jail vs being issued a citation. As the holiday gets closer be careful running because it could be an off duty officer working security.


Notarookie wrote

Only scrubs and dumbasses get caught. Just my opinion. Can't call yourself a legit lifter if you've been caught


BigThief wrote

You are way off base. I have ran with crews who do $100,000 a week. I don't float in those circles because they bring a lot of heat. But I have known folks who have lifted almost as long as I have get nailed by nothing but bad luck. You get one hero customer who holds you down. LP for whatever reason decides to track you when it is the first time in the store.

This are no real pros in this game. What you have are people who plan to the Nth degree, people who are fast, and people who are lucky. There is nothing new in lifting. Anyone can buy a deactivation tool. There is some skill in concealing but a good 4k camera with 30X optical zoom will defeat even the best concealers. You can get inside tips about LPs schedule. You can have a person on the inside who under rings. You can barcode switch.

I would say the pros are the ones who get caught. They have planned for every situation and bad timing or bad luck gets them caught. They are the people who got caught first when new EAS towers went up that detected foil and magnets. It was those early crews getting busted and their lawyers using discovery to find out how they got caught that alerted the rest of us.

Now, some people are just silly lifters. They go into a store to lift without any planning. They have no idea if the entry door motion sensor is disabled and then they can roll their cart out. They don't realize the store upgraded the on floor EAS towers for ones mounted in the ceiling. And you have people who smash and grab and are then surprised they are on TV and Facebook.


Liftitbro wrote

Lol. Guess you are the one who just got made to look like a rookie by the post above. What a dumbass comment you made bro. Get off your high horse before you get caught


Notarookie wrote (edited )

How exactly did this post make me look dumb? It was actually a dumb post that doesn't pertain to me. Kinda like he was talking to himself and you're the only one who cares what he had to say lmao. Getting caught is the very definition of being bad at lifting dummies.