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Btw Just wanna say thankyou to the members, especially the experienced ones of this sub ,who help a lot with our lifting game.

Im just needing to know if ya’ll think this would be a scam^. I Really want that game fun, but don’t wanna waste money on bs. In your opinion is it worth it. ?

Have a good day ya’ll



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babybirch wrote

All of their reviews seem to be copy/paste. I personally wouldn't trust it


BigThief wrote

Never buy digital currency. If the seller does anything Paypal will not honor refunds on digital transactions.


Liftitbro OP wrote

Cheers man. Didn’t go for it not even entertaining the idea now. I really need to open my eyes to how so many things are too good to be true and there’s too many scammers out there trying to fuck us over.