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BigThief wrote

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Yes, most of my friends work in supply chain at HD, Lowes, T-Mobile, Verizon, ATT, Target, Walmart... it is also the field I am in. So I have lots of knowledge about merchandising from OEM, B2B, and retail.

I have been in this game for 30 years. I have done B&E, trailer lifts, carding and just about every low and high level financial crime you can think of.

I have been involved in inventory scams with PD and the military. Those days are behind me but I have the knowledge and the experience.

I have over three dozen fences I could call at any time to drop of merchandise and the collective knowledge of our 20+ year relationships.

I have personally lifted and sold well north of 2 million.

I have answered well over a 1000 questions between this board, numerous reddit subs, and private messages.

And that is just the beginning of my background when it comes to theft and fraud. I have experience in a few other areas that I would be glad to share if you have the experience or talent.


BusinessGuy123 wrote

That is an impressive history, & I will submit. There is no point in me trying to 1 up you as I am able to accept you have much more knowledge & skill in your craft then myself.

Also when I say impressive I really do mean that. Most people would have gotten caught at that point & you have well passes the status of professional & entered into mastery.

So I know you might look down on me as some random ass guy trying to make money & talking about something he doesn't fully understand. Just trying to make my way in the world & I hope you can respect that.

I wish you the best of luck with whatever you do.


BigThief wrote

I don't look down on anyone for learning or trying to learn. Everyone starts out as a newbie.

Where I do look down on people are when someone speaks something as truth but it is clear they don't know what the fuck they are talking about. That is fucking dangerous and said person can impact someone's freedom and future career goals. That I take a visceral reaction to.