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So I got both these consoles and plan to flip them. When would be the best time to flip them for maximum profit? Now, after Black Friday or closer to Christmas?

Also is it better to sell online or face to face? With online there's a risk of the buyer claiming they didn't receive the item, especially with something like Facebook which doesn't have much seller protection. Ebay has better protection but the seller fees are pretty high. With face to face there's a risk of getting jumped or the buyer knowing what I look like.



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BigThief wrote

Always sell high. Now is high. You have no idea what the supply chain will look like post Black Friday and going into the holidays.

I always sell any horde before Black Friday because people are on the hunt for deals once the shopping season starts. This year will be a wildcard.

I also do 60-80 of my lifting between Black Friday and Super Bowl Sunday. I take advantage of the shopping and return crowds.

My rule of thumb is to either have an item pres-old or have it out of the house within 72 hours. You never know if anything can go sideways and having evidence at your home or car is never a good idea. Holding onto items for a flip is like playing the market. You never know if you can win or lose. If you can sell high take whatever the profit is and call it a good day. That old quote is appropriate here: A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.


Loserdub wrote

Yeah they once they realize that people are selling them for this price are going to flood the market with them your best bet is within this week or you'll be selling it for less than you bought it for


BusinessGuy123 wrote

Not unethical at all, buy low sell high, make money.