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HelpMeSteal wrote

Majority of the buyers are still in affected area and many still hasn't returned to work or are working for less than pre-covid wages. So there's less money to spend on eBay.

Boon for buyers looking for cheap (likely stolen) hard drives, USB drives, high end clothings, etc. Bad time for sellers though.


Subversive_Element wrote

I noticed that too. I have been selling hard drives for a while and making decent money but the last few months I had a few sitting for sale for a month or more.

Thank god I finally sold the last one, i need to find new items that actually sell!


MoneyComesfirst wrote

try facebook instagram? yeah ebay is eviiil I actually locked my debit card but guess what? they pulled 30 dollars out of it cause I owned it because of ebay invoice and they already had taken my selling "privilages".can't believe that legal.