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W-lmart has their new "plus" subscription program to compete with Amazon Prime. One of the perks is "scan-and-go". You use your phone to scan your items as you shop, then go up to a self checkout, scan a QR code on your phone, get your receipt and bag your groceries.

This seems ..… very easy to take advantage of. Anyone try it yet? Im thinking maybe go and bag as you ship in reusable bags, "accidentally" missing a bunch of items, then paying or walking out quick. Or else scanning and bagging as you go then walking right out.

Too bad almost everything at the one I normally go to is locked up, might take a drive out to a less jail-like store.



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DanielDayLewis wrote

My grocery store does this, and it's crazy easy.

That said, every x number of trips (or maybe shoppers) they'll check your bags before you leave, seeing if all was scanned. So if you do lift, don't make it obvious (small stuff, just one or two)


Glenn_carbon wrote

I haven't heard about this. Definitely an interesting concept to look into.


HelpMeSteal wrote

Meijer does this for a while now. Employees are supposed to do a random check to verify all were scanned but if you shop a lot (say, over $100 in groceries) and bag em as you go, you may be able to slip an item or 2.


Almonds wrote

It sounds like this is even worse for us lifters since they’ll randomly check your bag, so you can only get away with one or two smaller things.


RonVonPump wrote

Worked in a supermarket and lifted from supermarkets every day for 2 years and only been stopped once.

If you try to steal by not scanning things you will be caught relatively quickly by 'random searches' which are between 1-5 and 1-10.

The best thing to do is to just walk straight out. If you think you have eyes on you then stop at the screen and move something or pretend to sort something and then just leave.

It FEELS like this is so blatant that you will be seen. However staff are asked to monitor up to 12 checkouts at a time and are not thinking about theft. The only thing which will draw attention to you and cause a problem is 1. the visual i.e. look, body language, nervousness etc. or 2. interacting with the checkout in a way that calls for assistance.

Even with security staff around it is possible if there are others using the self service or scan and go checkouts to simply walk straight through or pretend to load and/or sort something and go.

At worst you will be asked for a receipt at the door to which say, oh yeah sure, it's in the car gimme a second, leave the stuff at the door and you've made no violation of any law.


whobabylonto wrote

Wow you have a lot of experience. I have been using it for a month now but still feel really paranoid that the random check is going to come up but most employees seems to not care. Actually do you suggest to bring a reusable bag or began bagging items in self check out lane? Which is less suspicious and won’t draw attention to the LP? I actually scan a few inexpensive items and then pretend to take scans for the expensive items, then get the exit passcode and walkout. Have not been stopped yet. Although I did get some glances from other customers at the self checkout lanes.