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This is my first month of shoplifting, and I can personally say that Best Buy needs to get more spiders if they don't want to go out of business LOL. I lift mainly from Best Buy, because the one in my area has most of the gaming peripherals out in the open, with no tags on them. Same with some hard drives and computer fans. I never used a detagger of any sort, but when I went to Walmart, everything there was in an spider tag.

I lifted two $150 mouses, two $90 mouses, a $40 mouse, a $80 hard drive, a $20 Nintendo case, a $20 Nintendo game, a $40 Corsair fan, and a $10 mousepad from Best Buy. I lifted $160 worth of The Sims 4 digital expansions and just two $20 mousepads from Walmart (because everything is tagged). And last, I lifted two $60 wireless router adapters from Target.

Very good haul, probably gonna buy drugs or components for my first gaming PC.



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Glenn_carbon wrote

Good job but be careful, don't get too cocky.


fail2ban wrote

Not bad work.

Hopefully you are not doing this with stores in your state. BB is usually pretty good about doing weekly inventory. Once they notice an item missing they will start monitoring that area more. I have seen stores go to daily and hourly counts. I hope you are spreading your lifts out and not tagging the same place repeatedly.


israel13337 OP wrote

I can't even drive yet, so I do hit this place often. I am very unsuspecting and friendly with everyone there. I swear to god I actually ask them questions about the computer components and I am just talkative and nice. I even pretend to buy stuff, but then say I forgot my credit card or something along those lines.

I hit this place like two times a month btw.


Loserdub wrote

Wtf I am so scared of bb how do ppl hit this place I feel there is nowhere to hide


israel13337 OP wrote

i know this sounds dumb, but i spend around 30 minutes trying to wait for the perfect moment to conceal. you have to face away from the cameras while also paying attention to the people around you. It's a bit hard, but if you start small, and go bigger slowly, you'll get the hang of it.

or it might just be my BB.....


Subversive_Element wrote

How do you get out of the store with this stuff? Every store I’ve been to has a yellow shirt associate manning the door. Games concealed under my clothes is the most I can carry without looking suspicious.

I can understand Wally and Targ, but BB seems like it’s another level?


israel13337 OP wrote

If you know the security features, it's pretty easy to conceal. What I usually do is wear shorts/pants and a baggy t-shirt, and I quickly put the item between my waistband, and suck my gut in. I can hide around 1/2 mouses in my waistband, but it's really important to make sure the item your lifting is not tagged, not act suspicious and to suck your gut in as much as you can.


TheSarcasticAnorexic wrote

Idk about where you live, but where I am store employees usually aren’t allowed to check your bags. They’ll say it’s a “condition of entry” but that doesn’t mean anything. Generally, if they follow me out and ask for a specific item back I’ll comply to avoid a fuss, but if the alarms go off and they ask to check my bags I usually just say no