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I got caught by Walmart early this morning (about 9am) Man they were waiting on me after I was done with self checkout...although after watching the lady type out the report they had been watching me since I picked up socks from the women's section for my girlfriend...didnt know that was a "high risk area"...I bought like $120 worth of stuff but skipped over and bagged $60 worth of stuff...

First time ever getting caught a ticket from the cops and a trespassing order so I cant go back...

Is there anything I can do to get them to waive the ticket and or lift the ban? The walmart is close to where I live the next one is. 30-45min drive

Their wordadge in the report is exagraddted or just false...she put that I exited the doors but I never even got to the first set of doors or sensors...I offered to pay for the stuff but they wouldn't let me...

Also I had questioned running or if they could actually keep me in that office...could I have just taken the stuff I paid for and walked out? It was only 2 bags and a car battery...and that lady was a dick talking down to me...I didnt say much of anything the whole time but she would make comments...if anything I bullshitted with the cop outside about fishing while they wrote the ticket

I am in texas if that makes a difference



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Subversive_Element wrote

I’m no bad @ss mma fighter or anything, but when I’m “working” a store I’m mentally prepared for that ‘hand on the shoulder’. I also am prepared to start running and god forbid, actually resist if they try to restrain me. That includes smashing myself on the floor and putting on an oscar worthy performance that they are using excessive force.

I guess the moral of the story is, I’ll never go willingly to the office. Fight or flight.


chris2c OP wrote

I have now went back to that store a few times..not lifted anything but no one said anything