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So obviously graphics cards are HOT and usually watched over by LP because they're so god damn expensive. I'm a pretty experienced lifter at this point but the risk simply outweighs the reward, I'll buy one before getting myself hemmed up doing something wreckless. But anyway, so my thought was to buy a gaming PC or laptop containing the desired GPU, from let's say W@llyWorld. Go home and open packaging with as close to surgical precision as possible. Very gingerly and inspecting for any warranty seals, open the bastard up and snag whatever graphics card you were seeking, close and package everything back up and return the item. Still going back and forth whether returning as unopened or returning and stating that the thing just doesn't work sorry if thing would be better. Any thoughts?



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celebratedrecluse wrote

Huh, interesting idea. I think they will catch on though, it would be impossible for a computer to ship without a graphics card.

Also, GPU on laptop will probably be bad imo, might as well go for desktop.

Be careful not to leave fingerprints on any tape, surfaces, etc


HelpMeSteal wrote

Disposable gloves first, and I do suggest swapping with an old video card of similar size and color. SO unless someone opens the case and look really closely, they won't realize it's been swapped. Do use something that is: dead (in case they power on to check), and has no serial number label affixed. It's a pain in the ass to manually extract serial number off a dead video card's BIOS so it's not likely that someone would comb over to find out who swapped the $300 video card or when.

And for better result: get a computer that is available only by ordering online (make sure it's Walmart and not 3rd party seller, some of them may be independent seller like a Ma and Pa shot), with in-store pickup so they can't try to swap for another off the shelf. If they try to push for waiting for replacement computer to arrive, tell them you need it for school and can't wait for a week and would be buying a different computer since exact model isn't available for immediate swap.


Mjlars4 wrote (edited )

ive actually lifted a few 1660ti's from a best buy because sometimes when they have deals on a cpu or gpu, they will put it out on a shelf in the middle of an aisle, just wrapped in spider wire. i used this to my advantage and just picked one up, took it over near one of the slower sections of the store out of the view of a camera, and sliced open the packaging and tucked the gpu under my sports jacket. make sure to take off the anti static bag first and put the spider wire back on the box (the way nvidia cards open it makes it easy to do this without it looking like it was tampered with) and put it back on the shelf from where you found it, and if anyone asks why you put it back just say something along the lines of "i thought this was the higher tier card but realized it wasnt the one i was looking for." ive done this 3 times so far at varying best buys and its worked every time.


Deadprezdreamsgetyours1 wrote

Most computers are not exchanged or refunded through the retailer. I found out when my 6 week old Toshiba satellite crashed


smilewhileyourefucked wrote

You'd have to do a desktop, not a laptop. It'd be pretty noticeable as there will be a two-slot hole in the back of the thing. Returning as unopened would make you a prime suspect later. Returning as broken or damaged, citing the missing card, is probably your best bet, but is still pretty high-profile. Replacing with an old card might give you better odds here.

The biggest problem is if you've got the scratch to try this, you can probably afford the card.


Subversive_Element wrote

I’ve never snagged a graphic card before. Are they spider wrapped? Rfid tagged? Alpha cased?

If they resell pretty high, I’d be interested in nabbing a few, but they have to be unopened of course...

Any info would be cool.